Mon - Sat: 9:00 - 17:00

Service Rate Terms

  • MIAMI JET TOURS, INC. (”MJT”) reserves the right to sub-charter services to another company with similar equipment and insurance coverage.
  • MJT assumes liability for passengers traveling in our vehicles.
  • MJT acts as an agent and assumes no responsibility for other bus companies and their insurance carrier(s), nor assumes any liability on injuries, damage, loss, accident or delay due to any act or default of any company or person engaged in transporting passengers or rendering any other service.
  • All rates listed in this tariff are in US dollars and are subject to change at any time.
  • All prices are Net to legal tour operators, travel agencies and transportation companies.
  • Cancellations done 24 hours prior to contracted service will incur a cancellation fee equal to fifty percent (50%) of the whole contracted amount.
  • On-site cancellations will incur a cancellation fee equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the whole contracted amount.
  • Breakdowns happen and we have no control over that.
  • We are responsible to replace a vehicle if conditions are unsafe or dangerous.
  • We are responsible to replace a defective bus within four hours of breakdown.
  • We reserve the right to sub-charter to any bus company to complete the service.
  • We do not assume responsibility on any equipment sub-charter on the client’s own, nor are we responsible for excessive charges by others.
  • We limit our responsibility to what we charge.
  • MIAMI JET TOURS, INC., carries a five million dollar ($5 000,000.00) policy in compliance with the minimum requirements set forth by the law. Certificates available upon request to any contracted client.
  • A twenty percent (20%) gratuity for the driver and guide will be added.